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Successfully Navigating Enterprise Software Implementations

Implementing a new enterprise-wide system is often a challenging endeavor for a large organization. Input is required from a wide array of subject matter experts who often lack the technology background. Time is commonly lost getting agreement from stakeholders. Having a strong implementation project structure, however, can save an enormous amount of time and money.

In this webinar, we will learn about some key strategies for a successful implementation from Bill Helms and Rod Hemassi, using Project Controls and Performance systems like EcoSys as the use case. Bill has been on the customer-side of several successful implementations of EcoSys over the past decade. Rod spent 10 years in a prior role as an EcoSys and Primavera implementation and integration consultant.

They will discuss the challenges of an enterprise implementation and share the lessons learned from their experience on both the client and vendor sides. Proper preparation and planning is important for ensuring success on your implementation. This webinar will provide you with some of the key guidelines you need to get started!

About EcoSys

Part of the Hexagon PPM portfolio of products, EcoSys is the Enterprise Project Performance software platform that helps projects-driven organizations align and manage organizational strategy and project/contract execution. By increasing visibility into performance and predictability across the full life cycle of projects and portfolios, EcoSys helps you identify what drives project and organizational success, and take proactive measures to maximize returns and margins.